Ford Parents,


This will be year two for Mustang Hour, and for those new to Ford we would like to let you know what this program entails. For those returning to Ford, we have made a few tweaks, which will also be noted below.


Mustang Hour is a one hour block during the day (11:56 to 12:58) that allows students to have voice and choice regarding what they would like to do. It is broken up into A block and B Block with a 2 minute passing period in between. During this time, students will choose when they will eat lunch, where they will eat lunch, and another activity to do as well. Eating locations are available in the cafeteria, as well as multiple flexible eating spaces. Flex eating spaces include Patio Lunch which is an outdoor spot to eat, Lunch Corner which is an indoor eating area near the library, as well as teacher classrooms who may be hosting tutoring or a club.


There will also be opportunities for students who have their privilege card to attend clubs, open gym, outside play, library, gaming labs, and other areas during the block which they are not eating. For any student, with or without a privilege card, they will be able to attend academic computer labs to work on Canvas or homework, or attend content specific tutoring.


This privilege card can be lost due to behavior or grade related issue. If their card is taken, it can be earned back.


Mustang Hour will be every week, Tuesday through Friday. Mondays will always be a traditional day to allow students to plan for their week. As we like to say, every week has to have a Monday for Mustang Hour purposes, so in the event that we have a holiday or bad weather day on a Monday, the first day of the week will always be traditional. Also, any testing day will also be traditional.


If you are going through any closets and have any sort of sports balls, games, puzzles, craft equipment, etc that you would like to donate to our Mustang Hour efforts, we would greatly appreciate it. We are very much looking forward to this exciting adventure.


Thank you!!


Mr. Russell, Mr. Koder, and Mrs. Taylor